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Our Foundation’s Goal is to help children & teenagers with ADHD maintain a positive outlook on life and to understand the value of living and enjoying each day! We want to help them to look forward to the next day & to their journey through life!

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A picture of Anthony - the name behind the foundation.

“Today is the best day of your life, and tomorrow will be even better!"

- Anthony & Our Family Motto


Our Vision

To positively change and impact the landscape for ADHD and raise kindness to a whole new level!

Our Mission

We are a Hands-on Organization that works to “Empower & Help Children and Teenagers (Kids) with ADHD!” We want to “Help Kids with ADHD THRIVE!

Back to School  - An image of pencils, crayons, and other colorful school items

Would You Help?

Help us achieve our mission to "EMPOWER and HELP kids with ADHD." We need everyone's help to make Anthony's kind way and love come alive and to make sure these kids have a positive outlook on life!

Upcoming Events

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