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  • Introduction
    In this section, we address some of your frequently asked questions. It may be difficult to address all types of questions. Please contact us through our "Contact" section, if you have any questions we have not covered below. Thank you!
  • What is the Mission of Anthony’s Way – The Road to Kindness?
    Our Mission is to “Empower & Help Children and Teenagers (Kids) with ADHD!” We want to “Help Kids with ADHD THRIVE!"
  • How does Anthony’s Way – The Road to Kindness assist children and teenagers with ADHD?
    We have developed a multi-pronged Holistic Care Model to assist each child or teenager accepted into our foundation’s program. This Holistic Care Model includes:
  • Who is eligible to receive assistance from Anthony’s Way – The Road to Kindness?
    Children and Teenagers ages 5 to 18 who have been diagnosed with ADHD, or those in the process of being diagnosed and the outcome is highly likely that the child or teenager has ADHD.
  • What type of costs will Anthony’s Way – The Road to Kindness cover?
    We will cover the costs included in each phase of our Holistic Care Model, as outlined in 2 above that is not covered by health insurance or the portion not covered by the family’s health insurance plan. We have outlined the costs that we will cover for each phase and the average cost we anticipate covering for each child or teenager. For further information, please get in touch with us.
  • How can individuals apply for assistance?
    The first step is to contact us, and we will discuss your particular situation and provide information on completing an application for assistance.
  • Is there a limit to the financial assistance provided and what are the criteria?
    We want to help as many children and teenagers as we can. With that in mind we have set the following guidelines / thresholds for assistance.
  • Have you tested your Holistic Care Model?
    Our Model was built by using extensive research that each part of the Model is needed to help Kids with ADHD. In 2024, we will be conducting a Pilot Program that will validate each phase of our Model. Our Board will determine the particulars as we move forward with the Pilot.
  • How does Kindness fit into the foundation’s objectives and why is the foundation called Anthony’s Way - The Road to Kindness?
    Our dear son, Anthony, was the most kind and loving person. Throughout his short life, he helped so many friends, students, and family members. He wanted everyone to be happy and he shared his wonderful smile with everyone that he met. This was Anthony's Way of bringing love and kindness to everyone. As part of our Mission and to keep Anthony's Way alive, we want to bring Kindness to a whole new level. With that in mind, the Kids in our program will be encouraged to do Kindness Acts and Deeds to improve the communities they live in. Based upon the Kind Acts performed, the Kids in our program upon graduation from high school, can receive up to a $10,000 Kindness Scholarship to their college or vocational school of choice. The Board will have in place a Kindness Scholarship Committee to assist in the selection and granting of the Kindness Scholarship.
  • How can donors contribute to your organization?
    In order to help as many of these wonderful Kids as we can, we need lots of help and support. This is a big lift to enable us to cover the costs that are part of executing our Holistic Care Model and to keep Anthony's Way of kindness and love alive.
  • Would you help us?
    You can make a donation directly by clicking on the DONATE button below to direct you to our donation page on The Network for Good. We need your help to help as many wonderful Kids as possible. We need your help for our Pilot Program in 2024. Please Donate today!
  • Are donations tax-deductible?
    Yes, the IRS has determined that we are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity.
  • Are you having any Fundraising events?
    Yes, we will be doing the following fundraising events in 2023 and more to come in 2024. Please check our Homepage for upcoming events. We are actively doing an initial Donation Campaign and will be part of the Annual Giving Tuesday event. We are also accepting Sponsorship / Partnerships for these events. We are always looking for Volunteers to help on any of these Fund Raisers and to help us keep moving Anthony's Way - The Road to Kindness forward!
  • How transparent is your organization about its financial management?
    Being a 501(c)(3) organization, we file an annual Form 990 that is available through many organizations that track non-profit organizations.
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